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Any Linen

10-Piece Comforter Bedding Set, Microfiber, Ultra-Soft

$249.90 $139.99 Sale
Color: Sea Foam Medallion
Size: Full/Queen
Deep Pocket Sheets

Deep Pocket Sheets

Q: What are deep pocket sheets?

A: Deep pocket sheets are bed sheets specifically designed with extra-deep fitted pockets to accommodate thicker mattresses or mattresses with additional layers, such as mattress toppers or pads. They have deeper corners or elasticized edges to ensure a snug and secure fit around the mattress.

Q: Why would I need deep pocket sheets?

A: Deep pocket sheets are necessary when you have a mattress that is thicker than the standard size or when you use additional layers on your mattress, such as mattress toppers or pads. Using deep pocket sheets ensures that the fitted sheet can fully cover and securely fit around the entire mattress without slipping off or coming undone.

Q: How do I know if I need deep pocket sheets?

A: If your mattress measures more than the standard thickness, typically around 12-14 inches, or if you have added layers like mattress toppers or pads, you may need deep pocket sheets. To be sure, measure the thickness of your mattress, including any additional layers, and compare it to the pocket depth of the sheets you are considering.

Q: How deep are deep pocket sheets?

A: The pocket depth of deep pocket sheets can vary, but they are generally designed to accommodate mattresses with a thickness of 15 inches or more. Some deep pocket sheets can have pocket depths of 18 inches or even more, allowing for a proper and secure fit on exceptionally thick mattresses.

Q: Can deep pocket sheets fit standard mattresses too?

A: Yes, deep pocket sheets can fit standard mattresses as well. The extra depth of the fitted pockets on deep pocket sheets allows them to accommodate both standard and thicker mattresses. However, keep in mind that deep pocket sheets may have a slightly looser fit on standard mattresses due to the additional fabric.

Q: Are deep pocket sheets available in different materials and styles?

A: Yes, deep pocket sheets are available in a variety of materials and styles, similar to standard sheets. You can find deep pocket sheets in materials like cotton, microfiber, linen, and more. They are also available in various colors, patterns, and thread counts, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and needs.

Q: How should I care for deep pocket sheets?

A: Care instructions for deep pocket sheets may vary depending on the specific material and manufacturer. In general, it is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most deep pocket sheets are machine washable, but be sure to use the appropriate water temperature and a mild detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals that can damage the fabric. Tumble dry on a low heat setting or line dry as recommended.

Q: Can I use deep pocket sheets with mattress protectors or encasements?

A: Yes, deep pocket sheets can be used with mattress protectors or encasements. However, keep in mind that the combination of deep pocket sheets and additional layers on the mattress may result in an even thicker profile. Make sure to consider the overall thickness and measure your mattress with all the layers to ensure a proper fit.

Deep pocket sheets are designed to accommodate thicker mattresses or mattresses with added layers, providing a secure and snug fit. They are available in various materials, styles, and pocket depths to suit different needs. Consider the thickness of your mattress and any additional layers when selecting deep pocket sheets for the best fit and comfort.


Remember that these answers are general guidelines, and individual preferences and circumstances may vary. It's always a good idea to consider personal comfort, hygiene, and any specific needs when choosing and maintaining bedding.

Curtain Sizing Guide
Curtain Lengths Illustration
Shipping & Returns

Return Policy

Free advice prior to purchase

We always want our customers to be happy and will be pleased to answer any questions about the suitability of the product you are ordering for your intended application. Please remember that many of our products are large and cannot be sent by post, so returning goods may be costly.

So if you're not sure, please ask!

We try to make our descriptions clear and offer lots of guidance about the size of products on our website, so we recommend customers check the product details. Unfortunately it is not normally possible to send goods 'on approval', although samples of low value items can be requested when your potential order quantity is in excess of 100 pieces.

Goods received damaged

We check goods and pack all orders very carefully, but occasionally damage can occur in transit. If goods are received damaged or faulty please let us know so that we can put matters right without delay. If possible please forward picture(s) so we can establish if it is best to supply a replacement part or resend the complete item.

We will keep you informed and tell you if we need to pick up the damaged item. Please email us anylinenstore@gmail.com and we will be pleased to help.

Packing errors

We make very few packing mistakes and we are really sorry if there are any errors or omissions. Naturally we will correct any mistakes as quickly as possible. We do ask customers to unpack and check the order within 7 days* of receipt please. If you cannot find an item remember to empty the boxes as certain components travel better sandwiched between other items, or they may be in the bottom of another box.

If we have sent you the wrong item, or if you have ordered the wrong item, please be sure to keep the original packaging so the goods can be returned in perfect condition.
* We regret no claims for errors or omissions can be accepted more than 30 days after the date of delivery.

Goods not required

Purchases made by consumers for personal use (where the intended use is not in connection with the individual's trade, business, craft or profession) are covered by the Consumer Rights Act which gives you 14 days to change your mind and a further 14 days to return the goods. The value of goods returned in satisfactory condition will be refunded, but not the original carriage cost.

Our products are principally intended for use in connection with a business, organization or trade and for such customers we apply a 10% restocking charge for returned goods to cover administration and re-stocking. The restocking charge may be waived if customers wish to exchange goods for another product of equal or greater value, though carriage will be chargeable.  Courier charges are one-way, not round-trip, so unfortunately it is not possible to reduce collection charges by combining with a delivery.

If items are purchased with free delivery that means we funded the delivery cost out of the sale. If such goods are subsequently returned for credit an appropriate adjustment will be made to compensate us for this cost.

Return postage

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When requested we can quote for picking up unwanted goods.  Please bear in mind that collection charges are usually higher than delivery charges.

It is mandatory to receive a return shipping address by e-mail

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Condition of returned items

We can only accept back for credit goods which are 100% resalable.  The product must be intact without any scuffs or scratches and in its original packaging, which must be unmarked. In practice this means that a product to be returned should not have been assembled or installed. Some products have inner packing elements which must be in place.  Outer boxes specific to a product form part of that product and cannot be accepted back if missing, defaced or improperly resealed.

Please use a return address label, identifying you as the sender - do not write directly on the boxes.


Once agreed, refunds will be processed promptly using the same method as the original payment.  Please allow up to 14 days (but usually it's quicker). If you require a Credit Note for your accounts please mention this so we can email it to you.

It is mandatory to receive a return shipping address by e-mail or chat on the website from the customer service department.



1910 Thomes Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82001 USA

(270) 255-4927

(Do not send goods to this address)

  • King Size: Includes 104 x 92 inch comforter, 108 x 102 inch flat sheet, 78 x 80 inch fitted sheet, 2x 20 x 36 inch shams, 2x 20 x 40 inch pillowcases,1x 78 x 80 x 16 inch bedskirt, 1x 12 x 16 inch rectangle pillow and 1x 16 x 16 inch square pillow
  • Full/Queen Size: Includes 90 x 90 inch comforter, 90 x 102 inch flat sheet, 60 x 80 inch fitted sheet, 2x 20 x 26 inch shams, 2x 20 x 30 inch pillowcases,1x 60 x 80 x 16 inch bedskirt, 1x 12 x 16 inch rectangle pillow and 1x 16 x 16 inch square pillow
  • Twin / Twin XL Size: Includes 66 x 90 inch comforter, 66 x 96 inch flat sheet, 38 x 74 inch fitted sheet, 1x 20 x 26 inch sham, 1x 20 x 30 inch pillowcase,1x 38 x 74 x 16 inch bedskirt, 1x 12 x 16 inch rectangle pillow and 1x 16 x 16 inch square pillow
  • All pieces of set conveniently complement each other to produce a complete and stylish bedding design
  • Fabric is made of 100% polyester microfiber for a soft and gentle texture
  • Comforter filling is 100% polyester for cozy warmth
  • Made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory, an independent certification system that ensures textiles meet high safety and environmental standards.
  • Easy-Wash Microfiber Bedding Set

    Cozy up in pure comfort each night with the Easy-Wash Microfiber Bedding Set. This all-in-one set adds a polished look to the room and inspires sound, restful slumber with the touchably-soft feel of microfiber. The perfect addition to your bedroom or guest room, the comforter set fits in easily with both traditional and modern interiors. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to complement your taste and existing decor.

  • Soft Microfiber Construction

    Ultra-soft with a peach-like finish, the bedding set provides warmth and comfort throughout all seasons with a soft, breathable polyester filling. Microfiber naturally repels dust and dirt from its surface, making it an ideal material for every day use.

  • Durable & Machine Washable

    Made of durable polyester microfiber, the bedding set is easy to care for and stays looking new, longer. Machine wash on warm, tumble dry on low.

Color: Sea Foam Medallion
Size: Full/Queen

Product information

 Silk, satin, and sateen sheets

Q: What are silk, satin, and sateen sheets?

A: Silk, satin, and sateen are different types of fabrics commonly used for bedsheets.

Q: What is silk?

A: Silk is a natural fiber produced by silkworms. It is known for its luxurious feel, smooth texture, and natural temperature-regulating properties. Silk sheets are often highly breathable and can provide a cool and comfortable sleeping surface.

Q: What is satin?

A: Satin is a fabric woven from various materials, including silk, polyester, or a blend of fibers. It is characterized by its glossy appearance and smooth, lustrous surface. Satin sheets have a silky feel and are often associated with elegance and luxury.

Q: What is sateen?

A: Sateen is a cotton fabric woven in a particular way to create a smooth, lustrous surface similar to satin. Unlike satin, which can be made from different fibers, sateen is specifically made from cotton. Sateen sheets have a soft and silky texture, often with a slight sheen.

Q: What are the differences between silk, satin, and sateen sheets?

A: Silk sheets are made from natural silk fibers, while satin sheets can be made from various materials, including silk. Sateen sheets, on the other hand, are made from cotton. Silk sheets are known for their exceptional softness and natural temperature regulation, while satin and sateen sheets offer a smooth and silky feel. Satin sheets tend to have a more noticeable sheen, while sateen sheets have a softer, more matte appearance.

Q: Which type of sheet is best: silk, satin, or sateen?

A: The best type of sheet depends on personal preferences and needs. Silk sheets are ideal for those seeking luxurious softness and natural temperature regulation. Satin sheets are often chosen for their glossy appearance and silky texture. Sateen sheets provide a soft and smooth feel with the added durability and breathability of cotton. Consider factors such as comfort, breathability, maintenance, and budget when selecting the best option for you.

Q: How should I care for silk, satin, or sateen sheets?

A: Care instructions may vary depending on the specific fabric and manufacturer. However, in general, it is recommended to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer for each type of sheet. Silk sheets may require hand washing or gentle machine washing, while satin and sateen sheets are often machine washable. Use mild detergents, avoid bleach or harsh chemicals, and follow proper drying instructions to maintain the quality and appearance of the sheets.

Q: Are silk, satin, or sateen sheets suitable for people with allergies?

A: Silk, satin, and sateen sheets can be suitable for people with allergies, depending on individual sensitivities. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it a good choice for those with allergies. Satin and sateen sheets, particularly if made from synthetic fibers, may be less hypoallergenic. Look for sheets labeled as hypoallergenic or suitable for allergy sufferers if you have specific sensitivities.

Remember to consider your preferences for comfort, appearance, and maintenance when deciding between silk, satin, or sateen sheets.

Remember that these answers are general guidelines, and individual preferences and circumstances may vary. It's always a good idea to consider personal comfort, hygiene, and any specific needs when choosing and maintaining bedding.

Percale Sheets vs Cotton Sheets

Q: What is the difference between percale sheets and cotton sheets?

A: Percale refers to a type of weave used in sheet construction, while cotton refers to the material itself. Percale sheets are made with a specific weave pattern characterized by a tight, one-over-one-under structure. Cotton sheets, on the other hand, can be made using various weave patterns. Percale sheets can be made from cotton or other fibers, but when people refer to "percale sheets," they are usually referring to 100% cotton percale sheets.

Q: What are the characteristics of percale sheets?

A: Percale sheets are known for their crisp, cool, and breathable feel. The percale weave creates a smooth and matte finish with a light texture. Percale sheets are often lightweight and have a medium thread count, typically ranging from 200 to 400. They offer a balanced combination of softness and durability, making them a popular choice for those who prefer a cooler and crisper sleeping surface.

Q: What are the characteristics of cotton sheets?

A: Cotton sheets are highly versatile and widely used in bedding. They are known for their softness, comfort, and breathability. Cotton can come in different varieties, such as Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton, or regular cotton. Each variety may have its own unique characteristics, but in general, cotton sheets offer a comfortable and cozy feel. They can range in thread count, which affects the softness and durability of the sheets.

Q: How do percale sheets compare to regular cotton sheets?

A: Percale sheets, being a type of cotton sheet, have their own unique characteristics due to the percale weave. They tend to have a crisper feel and a matte finish compared to other cotton weaves. Regular cotton sheets can have different weaves, such as sateen or twill, which may offer a softer and shinier finish. The choice between percale and regular cotton sheets ultimately comes down to personal preference for the desired feel and texture.

Q: Are percale sheets more breathable than regular cotton sheets?

A: Both percale sheets and regular cotton sheets are generally breathable due to the natural properties of cotton. However, percale sheets are often praised for their exceptional breathability. The tight percale weave allows for increased airflow and ventilation, promoting a cool and comfortable sleep experience. If breathability is a top priority, percale sheets are an excellent choice.

Q: Which one is better: percale sheets or regular cotton sheets?

A: The choice between percale sheets and regular cotton sheets depends on personal preferences and priorities. Percale sheets are ideal for those who enjoy a crisp, cool, and breathable feel. They are especially suitable for warmer climates or individuals who tend to sleep hot. Regular cotton sheets, on the other hand, offer a wide range of options in terms of weave and thread count, allowing you to find the softness and smoothness that best suits your preferences. It's recommended to consider the feel, texture, breathability, and overall sleeping comfort when deciding between percale sheets and regular cotton sheets.

Understanding the difference between percale sheets and regular cotton sheets can help you make an informed choice based on your desired feel and sleeping preferences. Percale sheets offer a crisp and breathable experience, while regular cotton sheets provide a wide range of options in terms of weaves and softness. Consider your priorities for comfort, breathability, and texture when selecting the best sheets for your bedding.

Proper care of linen is essential to maintain its quality and longevity.

Linen is a natural fiber derived from the flax plant and is known for its strength, breathability, and natural luster.

 In general, I always recommend looking at the fabric content and washing instruction tags on your specific item first.

Here are care instructions for linen:


  1. Machine Wash: Linen can be machine-washed. Use a gentle cycle with cold or lukewarm water.
  2. Mild Detergent: Use a mild, liquid detergent that is suitable for delicate fabrics. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals as they can weaken the fibers.
  3. Separate Colors: Wash linen items with similar colors to prevent color bleeding.


  1. Air Dry: Line drying is the best option for linen. Hang your linen items on a line or a flat surface to dry naturally. The sun's UV rays can help disinfect and whiten linen.
  2. Tumble Dry: If using a dryer, use low heat. Remove linen items from the dryer while they are slightly damp to prevent excessive wrinkling.


  1. Steam Iron: Linen tends to wrinkle easily. Use a steam iron while the linen is slightly damp to achieve the best results.
  2. Iron on the Inside: If you're ironing the fabric on both sides, iron the inside first to prevent a shine on the outside.


  1. Avoid Plastic: Store linen items in breathable fabric or cotton bags, not in plastic bags, to prevent moisture buildup and potential mold.
  2. Ventilated Space: Keep linen in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area.

General Tips:

  1. Follow Care Labels: Always refer to care labels on your linen items, as they may contain specific instructions from the manufacturer.
  2. Prevent Stains: Deal with stains promptly. Blot (do not rub) stains with a clean cloth and use a mild stain remover.
  3. Frequent Use: Linen becomes softer and more comfortable with use, so enjoy your linen items regularly.

Linen may have a natural tendency to wrinkle, but many people appreciate this as part of its charm. If you prefer a more polished look, ironing while the linen is damp can help achieve a smoother finish. Proper care will keep your linen items looking fresh and elegant for years to come.

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very good quality. Thanks

Amazing Set


Amazing Set


Amazing Set


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I bought grey boho - amazing for our bedroom. Love it